7 Fatal Mistakes to Avoid Online Businessman

Many people who want quick success but sometimes they do not understand that actually do it is right or not. As the novice bloggers who already have an account adsense, sometimes they forget to visitor blog. That their minds are earning, while generating earnings itself is a blog visitor they have. Therefore let us consider together what is usually fatal mistakes committed by online business.

1. Not Sure Can Succeed

Are you sure you will not be successful? Did your thoughts so shallow? Man was created to think how in order to achieve what he wants. Rasululluah SAW once said “anyone who wants to succeed in the world, then he should have his knowledge, anyone who wants to succeed in the hereafter, then he also must have knowledge and whoever wants to be successful both, then he must have knowledge”.

Sometimes it has a mind of man can not be sure if successful, until some say ahhh like high school – later high end – the end is also working hoe. This kind of thinking that will make a person it becomes difficult to go forward, because he thought that it had become her destiny. Make no mistake lo ,,,, “God will not change the fate of a person if he does not want to try to change it”. Do not identify destiny with fate, destiny can not be changed, but if fate depends on yourself. If you try and accompanied by prayer then a time will succeed.

Thus the start is change your negative thoughts into positive thoughts. Embed this on yourself that I am sure I would be successful

2. Believe In The Wrong People

Another factor mistakes in business is trust in the wrong person. What does it mean? Human life certainly not alone unless you later if it is dead, definitely going to live alone in the wild there. Every human being must have relatives, friends or neighbors around it. Did you know that everyone around us is not all support to what we do? Sure there were some who belittle your work online because they do not know what you are doing. Maybe you’ve heard of someone with the phrase “you will not succeed …. Just what you were working in front of computers doang, basic slacker “.

Peoples like that who called the wrong thoughts in an online business standpoint. They will make the stultifying you, you do not believe or doubt that the way you travel it is right or not.

Hence, do not ignore those words – people like that. Prove to them that you will definitely be successful in business you run.

3. Want Quick – Quick Success

Everyone will want quick success, but remember !!! success is not as easy as turning tekapak hand. It takes the process success, struggle and sacrifice. Every human being will surely get a test from God, every effort was definitely there will be exams. However, if someone who is tough, he will rise even though heavily tested. This kind of person who will be successful.

So for those of you who want quick success but do not want to do anything – anything, do not dream to be successful. Start slowly action – land, step by step to get success in accordance with what you expect

4. Arrogant

Arrogant it is the nature of the devil .. if you want to say the devil? of course not. Therefore avoid this one if you want to succeed. Snob will not bring you success, pride will not make your life a blessing, but the arrogant will make you hated each others.

5. Shame inquiry

Are you a prude? Throw a bit of a shame your business problems. If you are a beginner in the world of business, especially an online business then you should ask people who are experts in online business. Do not be embarrassed to question things – things that may be new find and you do not understand about it.

In today’s hard not to ask, let alone the existing social media. Many groups or people who are experienced in the field of online business. Look for them to join into groups and ask what you do not understand.

6. Focus

Another mistake that led to the collapse of doing business online is not the focus. Many people are not convinced by the potential that can be generated from an online business. There are already tried, but when tested immediately changed little mind. Tried others but just the same when confronted with something immediately withdrew and did not want to continue that she has finished on zero. Peoples like this, including people who do not believe and do not focus on one goal.

Start your focusing at one point so that the point can be realized and you can reach. And if the point that you have got, you can start the other point or expand point that you already have.

7. Do not want to pray

The latter is not willing to pray. Every effort is not accompanied with prayer then his business will not be maximized. Many people are already doing a lot of things, whatever he is doing but why stay like this, not being successful, it could be because the person forgot to his God, he did not want to pray to God. Yet even God has said, “Pray to Me then I shall grant”.

So multiply that effort and was accompanied with prayer in order to quickly achieve success

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