What Is A blog? The History and Background Of Blog

What is a Blog? Blog is a Web application form. Basically, a part of the web site which can be accessed online whose main function contains writings and drawings (contained in the post) on any web page. Blogs are typically managed by a single user (others by several authors) made in accordance with the topics and goals of the user’s blog.

The history Of blog

The first blog is most likely the page “What’s New” on the Mosaic browser made by Marc Andersen in 1993. Mosaic was the first browser before the Internet Explorer even before Netscape. January 1994 Justin Hall started his personal website “Justin’s Home Page” which was later changed to “Links from the Underground” which may be referred to as the first blog as we know it today. Until 1998, the number of blog that there is still very little. This is due to the time required expertise and specialized knowledge of website creation, HTML, and web hosting to create a blog, so that only those working in the field of Internet, System Administrator or Web Designer who later in his spare time creating blog-blog of their own.

The Background of Blog

This attractive source of information is the internet. Parts of the world computer network is able to provide complete information and actual, which covers almost all aspects kehidupan.Penggunaan internet services in Indonesia continues to increase. Benefits of the Internet as a solution to streamline the various interests has been perceived by many kalangan.Dilihat of these conditions also developing Internet technology. One of them is the blog where the blog we can expand the relationship friend / acquaintance to be able to form a great community. And can be used a platform to do business.

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