How to Start an Online Business For Beginners

Online business is a business that is highly sought after by everyone, not only in Indonesia and even the world as it was said. I was proving myself when I was given the opportunity to fill a seminar for central Jakarta vocational students who attended 100 students of SMK sejakarta Center. I asked them “what will you do after school?”

Do you want to be an employee, a businessman, or be a doctor? 90% of them answered want to become entrepreneurs. And many of those who want to learn online business. And finally I gave guidance to them how to start a business online.

How to start an online business For Beginners?

There are several steps that must be done to start an online business including the following:

1. Decide in advance what products will you sell

Before starting an online business first determine what products will be sold, the bias in the form of goods or services. Practice using technology available today. Surely now many who own a smartphone such as android, blackberry, and the like. Practice using social media such as facebook and others – others not only to chattingan and make status were less than helpful. Take advantage of existing technology to sell online.

2. market research

After determining the products that you sell, the next step is to conduct market research so that the products that you sell will sell quickly and on target. Online market research can do melelui free tools from Google that google planner. Using the planner google you will find what the product has been sold online and are still little.

3. Selling other people’s products

For students who want to learn online business are often constrained by capital. Do not worry … .. you can still do business online without spending capital. One of them is to sell the products of others, can become a reseller or a dropshipper. By becoming a dropshipper you do not need to worry about because you simply capital market products that have been provided by the agent / product providers to social media such as facebook, fuel and others – others without first buying the product. You will buy the product after the order to your buyer.

4. Affiliate programs

Affiliate Program or Affiliate Marketer nearly equal to resellers and dropshipper, but slightly different. In affiliate marketer you market other people’s products using the referral link that you get when you sign up to the website / tok0 online that provide affiliate program.

5. Creating an online web store

After the four steps above you do, the next step is to build an online web stores. Can use the free version such as blogspot, or use paid by renting hosting and domain sendii. By having an online web store, then online store you will look professional and easier for prospective buyers you to find the products you sell. You can learn to create their own online store by reading the tutorials that have been widespread on the internet one is, or can also use website creation services and would increase spending again. My advice to learn to create their own online web store because it is not hard to create an online web store. By creating their own online web stores will minimize your expenses.

5. Registering website to google adsense

After you create an online web store does not hurt to register your online web store to google adsense. Why? Because by signing up for google adsense there are many advantages that you will get. You just put an ad that has been provided by Google and every visitor who clicks on an ad that you post then you will get dollars from google.

So, these are some ways to start an online business for beginners. may be useful

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