How to Setting Permalinks On WordPress Site

Permalink is the term used for the URL of a web page either in the form of the post and static page. As the name suggests, Permalink permanent so that the identity of a blog page. Permalink also is unique, meaning that there should not be the same. For example, the permalink URL for this page is:

In wordpress permalink basic settings when first installed are as follows:

How to install WordPress on localhost

Permalink above in my opinion not good for SEO because it can not identify an article. permalink very influential in SEO because, according to SEO experts, the implementation of on-page SEO is starting from the title, the content of the article should correspond to permalink. Therefore we will change the permalink page SEO so that later we can perfect website.

Here is how to create a permalink in wordpress

  • Sign in to your WordPress admin page, then pillih menu settings -> permalinks

How to Setting Permalinks On WordPress Site

  • Image below is an image permalink settings, there are several options, including: plain, day and name, month and names, numbering, name of the post, and a custom structure

How to Setting Permalinks On WordPress Site

  • SEO so that you’ll look perfect, so I recommended to choose the permalink based on the name of the post. permalink so you will be changed into

How to Setting Permalinks On WordPress Site

  • if it had been permalink please click the save button to save change

so that’s a guide to setting permalinks on wordpress site. may be useful

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