What is Google AMP?

AMP is short for Accelerated Mobile Pages. AMP is a new product from Google for mobile devices created to facilitate Internet users who use mobile phones when surfing in cyberspace.

Google AMP

By the time you do a searching using a mobile device then some of the content appearing in search results there will be a logo with a lightning display that reads “AMP”. If you find the content that new products from google.

Some of the advantages contained in this new product at the moment one of them is open webpages with AMP logo will be loaded 4x faster and 10x more efficient the data than usual. Google itself has inaugurated this new product on Thursday, February 25, 2016 last.

Google product will provide a new experience for Internet users to find information more quickly and saving internet quota. How to use AMP Google is not difficult, you just searching as usual and when the search results already appeared, and you see the logo Lightning please click the content there is a logo such lightning, and try to feel the difference between content with the logo of lightning with content no logo lightning, surely you will feel the difference.

For those of you who are curious should not wait too long to try it. Please try it today and feel the difference.

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